The Odd Couple

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This event finished on 17 February 2018

Following the success of ‘Steel Magnolias’, Enniskillen Amateur Dramatic Society returns with ‘The Odd Couple’, a priceless comedy by playwright Neil Simon. The 1965 Broadway hit moved to the silver screen for the 1968 film, and then to the long running television hit series in the 1970s.

The plot concerns two highly mismatched roommates and their hilarious attempts to share an apartment. Felix Ungar, the neurotic neat freak news writer, is thrown out by his long suffering wife and Oscar Madison, his utterly slovenly divorced friend, invites him to move in. As the story unfolds we see the patterns of their respective disastrous marriages reappear in this unlikely match, with side-splitting results.

Don’t miss this wonderful enactment of an all-time classic comedy, brought to you by our own talented Enniskillen actors!